7 Points Of Real Estate Bling
How Do I "BLING" To Get The "CHA-CHING?"
Posted on April 4, 2018, at 4:06 p.m.


Founder of Smarter Real Estate Tribe, International Real Estate and Design Educator, Investor, Entrepreneur, Creator and Star of TV's"Flip Men", Author of "FLIP, BANK, LIVE".
Founder of Smarter Real Estate Tribe, International Real Estate and Design Educator, Investor, Entrepreneur, Creator and Star of TV's"Flip Men", Author of "FLIP, BANK, LIVE".
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Hi! Mike Baird here...

Have you ever ask yourself… “How should I improve this property to make the MOST MONEY POSSIBLE?"  

In other words... “How do I “BLING” to get the “CHA-CHING?” 

Well, over the past 15 years I’ve bought and sold over 1,500 homes totaling over $500 million in real estate. I also starred in the hit TV show “FLIP MEN” where I bought some of the country’s nastiest houses and turned them into some of the nicest houses on the block. 
But I didn’t always have the right answers… I didn’t have a personal mentor or mentoring group of people holding my hand through this process… I lost a lot of money those first couple of years while I was trying to figure all this stuff out.

One of the reasons I started writing articles and doing training videos was to help folks just like you so that you don’t crash and burn like I almost did.

This article will show you how to get the MOST bang for your buck and beat out the competition...

<<  So that one day you can end up looking just like our man over here!

So that one day you can end up looking just like our man up there!
The "Subject To" Secret
This property has made me $28,800 in cash flow over 6 years AND is being sold for a $70,000 profit. I did it by utilizing the "Subject To" Secret to maximize profits for a very small investment.  I'll tell you exactly how I did it...
So here’s the deal.. I’m about to tell you the simple little secrets in this 7 Step Guide. But before that, you have to know something… These are the exact secrets I teach my students in the Smarter Real Estate Tribe and have used over and over again on my TV show to help get higher ROI’s on every house.

In just a minute… I will show you exactly how to WOW your buyers so that you can make MASSIVE PROFITS for $500 or LESS!!! That’s right… for less than $500.

Sound too good to be true?

Well… Like I said… I have used these dirty little secrets on hundreds of homes… AND here’s the good news… IT WORKS EVERY SINGLE TIME!

With these SIMPLE little techniques I’m about to show you, your personal investment houses will sell quicker and for more money GUARANTEED!!!

Here is the best news… This insider cheat sheet shows you the powerful, easy changes that will blow your buyers away so that they will have no choice but to pay you MORE MONEY.

Truth is… there are a ton of ways to add bling to the house, but you have to be SMART about it. Let me repeat... Buyers LOVE bling. But there is a science and phycological art behind it all. Once you have mastered the little formula, you will be crushing your competition. 
Are you ready? Here comes the secret sauce… Let’s do this!

First let’s talk about the exterior, because it’s the FIRST thing your buyer will see. If it’s not pretty on the outside, potential buyers will automatically think it’s ugly on the inside and you won’t even have a shot at getting an offer.
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COST: $35/bag (Pretty simple, right? Anybody can do this!)
It’s just that simple, it’s an easy swap for plain dirt, because it’s prettier and it’s super durable for any season. It’s classy, it’s cheap, and it’s modern. Think of it like exterior paint. If you really want, you could add it in some small plants for greenery. Done.
The bark brings color and texture to the yard, and helps boost the curb appeal!
This house uses bark mulch throughout the entire yard, giving more of a desert feel.
SECRETS OF BLING #2: Address Plaque/Numbers
COST: $50
How many times in your life have you sat in the car looping a street looking for an address? Way too many times in my book, and that’s a huge turn off for a buyer. Every house needs a well-seen address plaque or placement so that everyone can see it. When choosing how to show your house’s address or number, have this in mind: Can I see it from the street and does it fit with the house? Does it represent the house well?

Finding numbers for homes is super easy too, you can find them anywhere, amazon, etsy, Home Depot. But these are essential for the house. You need your buyer to be able to see which house they are going to buy. 
This SCREAMS modern beach house! And it's sexy! Minimalist even! With the choice of modern numbers, buyers know exactly what they can expect!
This house does it all, but what is SO cool is that they use the address plaque as a tone-setter, telling the buyer they are going to be looking at a modern home.
CASE STUDY: Herbert Ave.
I recently finished this little beauty…

I took a traditional cottage bungalow and gave it a mid-century modern look and feel.

I was able to do this with the help of some sleek address numbers on the entry pillar.
Soon you will be doing the same on your homes!
COST: $32/pair
Not all bling comes in the form of metals or jewel..sometimes it’s simply WOOD. And that’s what’s so great about shutters, it’s a win-win because you aren’t dying because of the cost and your house now has another pop of color, bringing the ultimate bling!

Now don’t be thinking pop of color means Tiffany Blue or Neon but rather another neutral color that sets the tone of the house. For instance, a white house with black shutters, tan houses with dark brown, and so on.

It’s more appealing to the natural eye to have various colors and shutters are a perfect way to get that extra color for cheap!
Check out the contrast of the light trim and the darker shutters! This makes the house literal eye candy!
Here we see a super basic shutter design that completely changes the look of the house from boring and standard to rustic and traditional!
CASE STUDY: Winterwood Dr.

Same. I don’t want you to imagine how boring the house would be without the extra pop of color from the shutters! (trust me when I tell you it’s all better now!) You’d drive past it and think -- another white house that’s not the White House…

You’re still reading! GO! Go order those shutters! Don’t be doomed with a single color house!! 
COST: $120
We are going to cheat a little bit because door knobs apply to BOTH exterior and interior. The door knob that matters the most in the entire house is, you guessed it, the front door! What’s better than buying a house with a sturdy front door knob? Not much, I’ll tell you. And it adds another color, sometimes a metal or natural color, such as silver, chrome, gold, or straight black.
This is a pretty common but classy style door handle, never a bad option!
This door handle/knob is more traditional but still offers such a sleek design! It's not expensive and it's better than any rusty knob.
This door is WOW... Am I right?! This door "knob" is the definition of modern.
NOW, LET’S GO INSIDE and Check Out the
SECRETS OF BLING #5: Lighting Fixtures
COST: $40
And what’s better than wowing them with an incredible light fixture. It not only brightens the space, but they can be used as a statement piece.

And by using a bold light fixture choice, you are giving yourself a larger spectrum of design choices you can make in your space. And one of the best things about light fixtures, is that you can find really sexy lights for cheap.

I’ve used several from IKEA, and because of the cost, was able to use several of them throughout the house. 

Who needs any entryway furniture when you have this chandelier hanging?... (Nobody!) This light fixture gives off the impression that the whole house is going to be symmetrical.
Can a light fixture be any more bold? Doubtful! Using this light fixture sets the mood for some serious pattern around the house.
CASE STUDY: Browning Ave.

I put the main light fixture in a position where buyers could immediately see it when they walked in.

In this photo below, I used a light fixture to tie in the gold metal that were used around the house: door knobs, on cabinets, lights, decorations, etc.

It’s too easy not do do it!
SECRETS OF BLING #6: Back Splash
COST: $0.74/sq. ft.
I cannot stress the importance of a great back splash to you, why? Because it keeps the kitchen relevant and modern.

Most of us grew up having a back splash that was wild, meaning it had colorful tiles everywhere and only went halfway up the wall, but that’s not the style anymore, to keep your house modern, you want to have a clean back splash that goes to the ceiling enabling it to tie the whole kitchen together.

Most common is the “subway tile” back splash, and it is seen in tons of different ways (see pictures below) and you can keep your cost relatively low when using subway tiles.
Vertical Tiles: Nothing says modern like this. And not only that, but it's a cool minimalist design technique.
By using this pattern for your subway tiles, you are able to bring in a more traditional sense of design.
Bringing the back splash up to the ceiling allows it to be the tie that holds everything together and makes your kitchen seem taller.
SECRETS OF BLING #7: Kitchen Hardware & Fixtures
COST: $4
The incredible difference between modern and traditional is found often in the hardware of a kitchen, modern is sleek, whereas traditional is bit bulkier (which can be good), and it’s shown in the kitchen handles.

Before we get into the specific “bling”, I want to remind you that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix metals! In most of my flips, I use a mix of chrome, gold, and stainless steel to achieve the modern look! Mixing metals can do wonders in a home such because it allows you a more flexible range of decor!

If there’s anything that I can really teach you is that the buyer loves to TOUCH...I mean who doesn’t, buyers want a sturdy handle to touch when they are touring a home that one day be theirs, and so we want to give them the best touch experience of their home buying process.

If it feels good, we tend to believe that it IS GOOD.  
Do kitchen cabinet pulls get much cooler than this? I'm afraid not! Copper and gold handles are making their way back into style! But let me give a warning: if using copper or gold, make sure they are brushed to get the new, modern look.
How fancy is this faucet! IT IS INCREDIBLE! Not only is it sleek and nice, it's also super useful.
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QUICK NOTE: Members of the Smarter Real Estate Tribe are doing this kind of stuff everyday… They are killing it!
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